NKY chamber: Tolls the only way to go

For more than a decade, Northern Kentucky’s business community has been united in the belief that the aging, overcrowded Brent Spence Bridge is unsafe, inhibits economic growth and needs to be replaced.

Now, for the first time, it is also united in the belief that a public-private partnership and tolls are the best route forward for the $2.6 billion project – and it plans to apply major pressure on state lawmakers to come around to that way of thinking.

The Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce’s board of directors voted Wednesday to take a new position on the issue, acknowledging that construction “will not happen without alternative funding for the project, including tolls” and calling on state lawmakers to take the first step by passing a bill to allow public-private partnerships in Kentucky.

“It is up to those of us who want a bridge to make our voices heard so that our lawmakers will represent our interests,” said Debbie Simpson, owner of Multi-Craft Printing and chair of the chamber board. “We sat back and figured the right thing would be done, and that hasn’t gotten us anywhere. So we have to fight for what we want, and we are willing to fight for it. We have to fight for the future of Northern Kentucky.”

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